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Thank you for visiting the FindaProjectPartner.us.com® (FAPP) website!! So, you want to know about this one-of-a-kind website?

The following can briefly provide you with some pertinent information:

FindaProjectPartner.us.com® (FAPP) is a new website owned by USALocalGovInfo.com, Inc. , a privately-held company, established in the year 2000 and who developed the PAMunicipalitiesInfo.com® website which provides general and specific information for the 67 Counties and 2,563 Local Governments within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

We are and will continue for many, many years to be build a database of service providers and product supplier companies in an effort to connect any firm who requires a specific service or product with companies who can provide the specific service or product for a Private Sector or Public Sector Project from it’s initial concept through design into construction and then its continued maintenance.  If you are looking for a specific provider or product, you will be able to find a Project Partner Member in the following Categories with limited protect partner type examples:

Professional Service Providers (Limited Examples)

Attorneys (i.e. - Environmental, Real Estate, Tax, etc.)
Engineers (i.e. - Acoustic, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Geotechnical, Marine, Mechanical, Site, Structural, Traffic, etc.) 
Expert Testimony for Design Related Items
Landscape Architects
Land Planners
Real Estate Salespeople (i.e. – Listing, Sales & Leasing)
Wetland Specialists

Construction Service Providers (Limited Examples)

Boring/Tunneling Contractors
Bridge Contractors
Building Contractors
Construction Inspectors
Construction Managers
Electrical Contractors
Elevator Contractors
Estimators (i.e. – Building & Site)
Expert Testimony for Construction Related Items
Fire Suppression Contractors
Fuel Station Contractors
Mechanical Contractors
Paving Contractors
Site Contractors
Structural Contractors
Utility Contractors

Financial Service Providers (Limited Examples)

Commercial Banks
Credit Unions
Mortgage Lenders
Mortgage Originators
Real Estate Financing
Venture Capitalists

Maintenance Service Providers (Limited Examples)

Building Cleaners
Carpet Cleaners
Floor Cleaners
Line Stripers
Pavement Sealers
Pipe Televising
Roof Repairs
SE/SC Maintenance
SWM Maintenance
Tree Trimmers
Window Cleaners

Other Related Service Providers (Limited Examples)

Bonding Companies
Building Inspectors
Insurance Providers
Interior Designers
Property Management
Reproduction Companies
Site Inspectors
Title Companies
Utility Companies
Well Drillers

Product Supplier Providers (Limited Examples)

Building Signs
Construction Materials
Pipe Suppliers (i.e. – Sanitary, Storm, Water, etc.)
Precast Concrete (i.e. – Inlets, Manholes, End & Head Walls)
Pump Stations
Outdoor Recreation
Roofing Materials
Security Systems
Site Lighting
Site Signs
Soil Erosion/Sedimentation Controls
Subsurface SWM Facilities
Surveying Equipment
Water & Wastewater Systems & Treatment
Window Suppliers

The development of the FindaProjectPartner.us.com® (FAPP) website began in November 2010, taking over a year to build. The intent of the website is for hundreds of thousands of individuals from a myriad of industries performing or supplying products for  Private Sector work related to Land Planning, Site Planning & Design & Site Construction along with Building Design, Construction and Maintenance and/or Public Sector work for the various Counties and Municipalities located throughout the United States.

The use of the FindaProjectPartner.us.com® saves users time and money in searching for prospective Project Partners. Your company can also be reviewed by many counties and municipalities in effort to create beneficial working relationships. Modest annual fees are required for a Project Partner to be listed on the site. However, those firms seeking a Partner can access the information for no cost. FindaProjectPartner.us.com® website is an extreme cost saver with regards to promoting your business and a great tool with respect to generating new business which is what we all want in these times! 

By the way, it is a very inexpensive supplement to your firms marketing efforts as we are helping you promote your firm to those on our e-mail lists which is growing daily!!!

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Thank you for visiting the FindaProjectPartner.us.com® website!

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