Let us help promote your firm with the intent of obtaining leads and generating work for your firm by:

Creating opportunities to become a Service Provider or Product Supplier for private and public sector projects within the Counties and Municipalities within your service region(s) and the areas you want to work!

Letting other Project Partners know about the type of Project Experiences you or your company has been involved with currently or in the past!

Letting other Project Partners know exactly where you have Project Experiences (where you have worked) or where you are able to provide your services or supply your products  including the exact State(s), Counties & Municipalities!

Letting other Project Partners know exactly what Types of Services your firm can provide or the specific Products your Company can supply for the types of Projects for which you and/or your company have experiences!

Letting other Companies (Potential Clients) find and review your Company’s Profile (also with links to both your company’s website and social media sites) and hopefully become your Project Partner!

Letting other Project Partner Members know of your Projects that may need a specific service or product that another Project Partner Member(s) can provide or supply!

Letting other project Partner Members know about your Listings of Properties that you or your comapny may have for Sale or Lease if your in Real Estate!

Letting us help market your firm by sending out e-mails to those companies and individuals of companies as found on our various e-mail lists (which continues to grow daily!) letting them know about your company!  The initial e-mail will be sent shortly after you join letting others know that your company has become our latest Member. We will also let the contacts know a little about your firm based on the “Brief Description of your Company” you provide in the "Company Profile" page for your account. For Examples E-mails, Click Here!  Other e-mails will be sent out throughout the year!

Using  applicable Social Network Sites, we will promote our Project Partner Members!

Promoting our FindaProjectPartner.us.com ® (FAPP) site and by doing so we are promoting your firm (along with all other Companies that become a Project Partner Member) to the hundreds of thousands of contacts we have on our e-mail lists. These contacts include companies for which you want to establish business relationships!

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Don't forget that we pay Referral Fees to our Project Partner Members - CLICK the "Referral Fee Policy" tab below to learn more about this!